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2016 - 2017


4 months


iOS & Android

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A new mobile service from Tesco that delivers groceries to your door within an hour - Tesco Now.


Tesco runs the biggest grocery delivery service in the UK . They wanted to test the 'on demand' market, so they chose The App Business to partner with to bring this product to life.

A team of over 20 people across multiple disciplines was put together to create Tesco Now.  The design team had two product designers and two  user researchers that were involved mainly in the shaping phase, strategy and testing.


My role was to design and prototype solutions for iOS and Android, focussing on users, technology requirements and business objectives. The work required constant collaboration with various disciplines, ensuring the designs were implemented correctly. Constant communication with different parts of the business was a key part of the design process. Finally, delivery of the production ready screens.

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Tesco digital design language was created to keep consistency throughout Tesco digital products. It is a library of base UI components for mobile and web. We used and adapted the components to our needs, making sure we kept coherency with the library and we had frequents check-points with DDL lead to get sign off of the designs. At the end of the project we were appointed as the best users of the guidelines until the date.

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We designed the app for two platforms, iOS and Android. We translated the experience for both platforms using native components and interactions considering multiple devices sizes.

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Tesco now is available in the App Store and Google Play, it delivers groceries to Londoners in central London within 60 minutes.

The project also created a stronger trust between Tesco and TAB and they continue collaborating on multiple projects.

Dowload the App for iOS or Android.


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